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Analysis of the new ORNO MAX. The most powerful, attractive, and innovative urban scooter

If you are a modern urbanite who is considering buying an electric scooter unlike anything you can find in classic commercial establishments, with a truly spectacular avant-garde design, unbeatable power, and stability / experience of driving far superior to the rest, you should continue reading this article because we are going to present you with what is undoubtedly the best urban electric scooter that has been designed to date, and the most disruptive.

The ORNO MAX, available in Dual and Single Motor versions (as well as in black and white colors), is the latest and improved version of the ORNO; and it has just been launched on the market by Ecosmart Riders™, together with the also brand new Mercane FORCE 2.0.


What differentiates the ORNO MAX from all its competitors, and makes it a unique and revolutionary scooter

In summary, we have grouped the main factors into 3 large blocks, each of which is subject to separate analysis.



The ORNO MAX is equipped with the new Mercane™ engines, the most advanced Korean engineering in the micromobility industry, being the most powerful and efficient developed to date, and far surpassing any other engine of its same nominal power; because at the same level of nominal power, they offer greater maximum power, and a higher torque.

This translates into incredible acceleration, which allows you to get out quickly at traffic lights without fear of being run over by cars, be able to overtake safely, and climb steep slopes of up to 30- 35º (depending on weight) without problems.

The dual motor version is the most powerful, and the most recommended, as it transmits the same sensations as a true sports car (it reminds of a Porsche in electric scooter version). Being also capable of climbing 30º slopes without disheveled (tested by Ecosmart Riders™ technical staff); while the single motor version has less acceleration and less climbing capacity (15º), so it is more recommended for terrain without steep slopes, and people who want to enjoy a more relaxed driving.


The ORNO MAX sports a super attractive and innovative design, inspired by high-end sports cars, and the most avant-garde Japanese design.

Its powerfully striking are its refined curved lines, its curved lights with cob led technology perfectly integrated into its rear fenders, and especially its impressive extra-wide 12 cm wheels (the only ones of this size on the market), with its circular protections on both sides, which give it a unique personality.

In addition, this new version sports spectacular circular lights on all the wheels, on the sides, integrated into the wheel trims, and in addition to notably increasing visibility at night, they very cool.

Comparativa Tasa Incidencia Ecosmart Riders vs Otras Marcas Patinetes Eléctricos || Blog Ecosmart Riders - Premium Electric Scooters


Innovation is one of the main signs of identity when we talk about the ORNO MAX, and it elevates its premium character. Among its innovative components we can highlight:

- The exclusive and patented MAXWHEELS™ wheels:these impressive extra wide wheels of 12 cm and 92 in diameter, have been specially designed and manufactured exclusively for this e-scooter, and have their own patent, so that you will not find in any other electric scooter on the market.

They are solid wheels, tubeless, so they do not require maintenance, and do not puncture. But also, unlike the rest of the solid wheels currently on the market, they have a very high shock absorption capacity, quite close to what a pneumatic wheel with an inner tube would be.

And if this were not enough, they are guaranteed for 30,000 kilometers! A lifetime...

- New High Performance Batterywith IP68 degree of protection and a range up to 50 km in Eco mode. The new 48V and 13.5AH battery manufactured exclusively for the ORNO, includes top quality components and exceeds 1000 charge cycles.

As main innovations, it presents an external casing that keeps it totally protected from dust, and from any liquid, with the highest level of protection in the industry. In addition, the BMS system is designed to mitigate failure modes common with lithium-ion batteries. The system features the same BMS functionality found in electric cars, including cell monitoring, rebalancing and abnormality detection.
This is a premium automotive grade battery.

- IPS LED Display:the screen of the ORNO MAX is of a TOP level, same than that of a high-end smartphone. In fact we have not seen it on any other scooter so far. Being built with an ips led panel, it has extraordinary visibility, and allows you to see it clearly even on the sunniest days.

- Double Braking System activated by a single brake lever:The ORNO MAX has a mechanical brake rear (drum), and a powerful front electronic brake. The advantage over other scooters is that both brakes are connected to a single brake lever located on the left side of the handlebar, leaving the right side free only to activate the accelerator button.

- Anti-Slip Rubber Eva food grade:the anti-slip rubber that It covers the platform on which you rest your feet, it is made of a material with a rough texture, in food-grade EVA rubber (the highest quality on the market).

- The safest folding system on the market:the ORNO MAX is equipped with a unique folding system and patented, with double safety lock, which in addition to allowing it to be transported comfortably, also allows driving without any slack or vibrations like in other scooters on the market.

Pantalla LED IPS Patinetes Eléctricos FORCE y ORNO | Ecosmart Riders

What you should assess about ORNO MAX before deciding to buy it

First of all, this is a powerfully attractive e-scooter... one of those that attract attention and make you fall in love at first sight. And also, it is very original, so in the design section it is a 10.

Secondly, it should be noted that it is an urban e-scooter, because although it is equipped with very wide wheels and double front suspension, it is not prepared for off-road terrain (which does not prevent you from taking it on an unpaved track n good condition); and this must be highlighted, because its natural habitat will always be asphalt.

In terms of performance, its acceleration (in the case of the dual motor) is simply brutal..., and its ability to climb is also incredible. Therefore, it is highly recommended both for sloping terrain with steep slopes, and for heavy people (up to 120 Kg). And, if we add to its high power the incredible stability conferred by its extra-wide super wheels, the driving experience it offers is simply unmatched.

If you have the opportunity to drive it in private areas (disabling the speed limiter), and enjoy its 45 km/h top speed, the experience is even more amazing.

Having said all this, it should be noted that it is not a light scooter, it weighs 24 Kg. Although it does have a contained weight depending on its power, and it allows it to be easily folded and transported. In terms of dimensions, it should be noted that it is very comfortable, since it is long enough (approx. 10 cm more than a conventional scooter), and not very wide, to facilitate its handling and transport.

This e-scooter has a much higher stability than any electric scooter. Thanks to which the ORNO (previous version), was very well received among the female public, and thanks to which many riders were also able to enjoy a great time performing "lying down" on very steep descents, and other maneuvers that they could hardly have done. on other e-scooters.

In short, this scooter will delight the most demanding public, who in addition to looking for an alternative means of transport for the city, and have the intention of buying an electric scooter, value the option of a premium scooter that does not give problems, that does not require maintenance; and that ultimately also offers much more power, more stability, and more safety than the rest of the conventional scooters on the market. Since ultimately we can conclude that...

The New ORNO MAX 🛴 is synonymous with 💎 Exclusivity and Quality ✨



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