The 3 Best Premium Electric Scooters from 500 to 1000W

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Comparative of Markets FORCE Single Motor
vs Dualtron Mini vs Inokim Quick 4

The 3 Best Electric Scooters Premium Range of 500 - 1000W

In this analysis we are going to compare what are undoubtedly the 3 best medium-power electric scooters, between 500W and 1000W of power, at present: the Mercane FORCE Single Motor, the Dualtron Mini, and the Inokim Quick 4. Play In its favor, this type of medium-power scooters, due to its balance between power, weight and performance, are the most versatile. In addition, being the 3 of the premium range comparison, they offer a much higher quality than the rest. That is why we believe that they are the most recommended for people who live in urban environments and are going to use them for their daily commutes, as well as for their weekend leisure time, getaways, etc. And who also want to make their investment profitable in the long term, without having reliability problems.

To carry out our comparison, we are going to analyze them individually, examining their qualities within 3 blocks: design, engine, and performance.

So first we have...




The Dualtron Mini follows a very defined style, which is present in the rest of the brand's models. Its style denotes sportiness and sobriety in equal parts, its hallmarks are straight lines and right angles. It is a design clearly inspired by classic 4x4s, which reinforces the off-road concept that the brand strongly conveys in superior models. Although it does not provide large doses of innovation, and follows a conservative line, as a whole it is seen as a solid vehicle, with good build quality, and a design that is in line with its brand image.

Rating: 8.5 points



The Inokim Quick 4 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors, with an urban and modern look. The design is nice, and the possibility of choosing it in several colors, as well as the new larger LCD screen, plays in its favor.
Although there are small details such as the excess of "visible" screws that could be improved, as an urban scooter it is one of the ones that we like the most, and we believe its design is according to the segment to which it is directed. 

Rating: 9 points



The Mercane FORCE Single Motor, has a spectacular and innovative design inspired by high-end SUVs. Curved and refined lines, which give it a sporty and elegant character, reminiscent of the BMW X range, or Audi's SUVs. Its curved design rear light stands out, its smart color ips led display, and its imposing extra-wide 10" diameter solid wheels: 10 cm wide! Another aspect that stands out in its design is its careful aesthetics and good finishes: you will not see no loose cables, no screws, the double front shock absorber is perfectly integrated into the steering column, and the rear suspension is hidden under the platform, so as not to cause any aesthetic damage.  
A unique, attractive design that denotes class and elegance, bordering on perfection.

Rating: 9.5 points




In this section we are going to compare the features offered by each of the scooters under analysis, depending on the level and quality of equipment.

In this section Mercane FORCE Single Motor stands out from the rest of its competitors, both for the quality of its equipment and for its degree of innovation. 


After comparing these 3 premium electric scooters, and analyzing them based on their design, engine and performance, we are going to award the scores (according to the average obtained) to each one of them and prepare the final podium:

🥁 And the winner is...

  1. 🥇 Mercane FORCE Single Motor:The most attractive in terms of design, the most innovative, and the one that offers the best features. A true premium SUV that will satisfy the most urbanists, and also those who want some action and adventure. 
    - 9'5 Points -

  2. 🥈 Inokim Quick 4:An urban scooter with a modern and urban look, and high performance. Especially suitable for young people and urbanites in general.
     - 8'8 points -

  3. 🥉 Dualtron Mini:Classic design following the minimotors style, with a more sporty / off road aesthetic and good build quality. Good choice for fans of the brand, who do not want to purchase a superior model.
     - 8.6 points -

Although we have not taken the price into account for our analysis, as it is surely a determining factor for many people when choosing the perfect scooter, we want to offer you that data / comparison below. For this we have taken the prices of the official distributors:

Price comparison:

  1. Dualtron Mini 13Ah Dual Brake:990€
  2. Mercane FORCE Single Motor 1200W: 995 € * current offer (1295 € pvp)
  3. Inokim Quick 4 Hero: 1394,07€


Final conclusion:

If you have come this far because you were interested in buying a high-performance electric scooter, with a good relationship between power, weight, and performance, we hope we have helped you. The second part is up to you: search, compare, get good advice, and take your time to choose the scooter you are going to buy well. 

One of the things that we always recommend to people who are interested in buying a new electric scooter is that they never buy scooters from AliExpress, or sellers who are not domiciled in the European Union. In addition, it is always better to do it through a distributor / importer / brand that knows the product well, and can provide you with good after-sales service as well as the spare parts that you will need in the future.

Through the following link you can visit our website to find out about the electric scooters that we have, and contact our technical support department to advise you and answer any questions you may have. 


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