Mercane WideWheel Pro | Dual 1000W

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The Ultimate E-Scooter

The Mercane WideWheel Pro is more than just an electric scooter, it is an icon of electric micromobility.One of the most reputable electric scooters in countries like the US, Canada, Australia, etc.

With the WideWheel Pro, the legend that began with the Mercane WIdeWheel continues, which has set a milestone for its care and exceptional design, in which its extra-wide solid wheels with narrow-profile rims stand out. And ultra powerful engines, which allow a superior driving experience.

The WideWheel Pro is the improved version of its predecessor, keeping everything that made it worthy of so much praise, and improving some aspects: a fully reinforced frame, capable of supporting more weight, made entirely of 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum; an improved brake system, equipped with a double 120 mm mechanical disc brake; an improved LCD display; and some incredible and powerful motors capable of offering an amazing maximum output power of 1600W, and climbing slopes of more than 35º without any difficulty.

The WideWheel Pro stands out at first glance for its strong and attractive style, elegant and sporty, with its extra wide 10 cm wheels and narrow sporty profile. And an engine worthy of a sports car, with great acceleration and incredible climbing power.


👉 The legend started with the Mercane WideWheel of 2019 continues with this Pro version launched on the market in 2020, endowing this masterpiece of Korean engineering with even more technical qualities to set the bar unattainable to its competitors.

Were you looking for the best urban electric scooter for adults? Did you think you had already seen it all?

✅ Take a look at the characteristics of this exceptional electric scooter and you will be surprised by its beautiful and unique design, the highest quality of its components, its fantastic extra wide wheels and its double suspension, its led lights, its smart display and its ability to activate and deactivate the speed limiter whenever you is undoubtedly a masterpiece of Korean engineering.

Special Features
Incredible Power and Acceleration:You will be amazed by the force thrown by its two powerful 500W motors (800W pm), with a total maximum power of 1,600W, much higher than that of a single motor of 1,000W. With its amazing torque, in addition to doubling the acceleration of a conventional electric scooter, and allowing you to enjoy driving it a lot, you will not find a slope that can resist it (overcoming slopes of 40º). In addition, the WideWheel Pro even has a tip more acceleration and top speed than predecessor

High Performance Battery: Lithium-Ion battery with FST cells, which offer a high discharge capacity, and a life cycle superior to conventional cells (300-500 charge cycles ), as this battery specially made for Mercane offers up to 1000 charge cycles. It has a power of 48 V and a capacity of 720 AH. This gives us a maximum range of between 40-50 real km, enough to be able to make medium-long journeys.

Exceptional Comfort:In addition to its generous dimensions and ergonomic design, a magnificent double suspension is incorporated, and extra-wide rubber wheels (without air) filled with a special polyurethane foam. It is therefore a vehicle that provides exceptional stability, and a great capacity to circulate on almost all terrains.

Maximum Safety: The WW Pro incorporates a second front disc brake, to increase safety levels with more braking power and less stopping distance. In addition, since visibility is very important, it also has LED lights: a powerful double front LED spotlight, to drive safely at night, and a rear position and braking light.

Smart Display:Get accurate speed, mileage and battery charge readings. Better judge the status of your battery with the built-in voltage display. Shift gears while driving, from ECO mode (efficient use of energy and maximum range) to POWER mode (torque andmaximum speed) with the push of a button. Set cruise control with ease. Once enabled, hold your speed for a few seconds and your WideWheel PRO will continue driving so you can ease off the throttle.

CE Certificate of Conformity and Circulation Certificate:Issued by Ecosmart Riders®.

Technical Sheet
  • Engine: Hubless Front and Rear Engine
  • Power: 1,000W Nominal Power (2x500W) | 1,600W Maximum Power (2x800W)
  • Lithium Ion Battery: High performance / high discharge capacity. It offers a voltage of 48V and a capacity of 15 AH (720 Wh). Reaches more than 1000 charging cycles.
  • Range: Between 40-50 Km
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Speed: Limited 25 Km/h. Deactivating speed limiter reaches 45 Km/h
  • Acceleration: From 0 to 25 Km/h in just 3.5 seconds
  • Slope: Capable of overcoming slopes of up to 35º
  • Safety: Front and rear double disc brake | Front led lights (double focus), and rear red led light with brake warning
  • Shock Damping System: Double-arm front and rear wheels
  • Frame: Aerospace grade 6061 low pressure forged aluminum
  • Smart Display: Measurement of speed, distance, battery level. Possibility of choosing speed mode (Eco - Power), cruising speed, activation / deactivation limited speed and kick & go
  • Measurements:109.5 x 54.9 x 110cm
  • Folded:109.5 x 21.8 x 40.1 cm
  • Weight: 24.5 Kg
  • Maximum Load: 120 Kg
  • Package Dimensions: 115 x 24 x 48 cm | 29 Kg
Shipping Information
We inform that the shipping times for this product are between 7-10 days.

Deluxe Electric Scooter

El Mercane WideWheel Pro 2.0 no es un e-scooter convencional, es un diseño único de la ingeniería corenana que aúna belleza y potencia a partes iguales, para verdaderos amantes de la nueva e-mobility.

La calidad superior de este dispositivo se manifiesta en todos los aspectos: empezando por sus ultra potentes motores y su estructura ultra resistente fabricada íntegramente en aleación de aluminio 6061 grado aero-espacial; y siguiendo por todos sus elementos premium: ruedas sólidas extra anchas de 10 cm, doble suspensión, smart display led, luces leds de diseño, sistema de plegado único, doble freno de disco, llave de encendido, etc.

Un diseño único que denota clase y estilo.

Customer Reviews

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Antonio l.
Patinete maravilloso y trato excepcional

Después de la espera por problemas en el trasporte...ecosmart solucionó el problema y me mantuvieron informado en todo momento...muy agradecido.
Y sobre todo mi más alta recomendación...

Alejandro G.
Servicio muy atento

Desde el primer momento he recibido una atención genial por parte de Fran, el patinete llegó antes de lo esperado, se ven materiales de calidad y tiene mucha fuerza, la verdad es que estoy muy contento con el patinete y el servicio.
Pros patinete:
Se ve de calidad y tiene fuerza
Se pliega el manillar con bastante facilidad
Frenos de disco, tiene buena frenada
Ruedas muy anchas que dan bastante seguridad
Puntos negativos:
Peso un poco elevado (pero como todos los patinetes de estas prestaciones)
Velocidad máxima 23km/h y no 25 (aunque no sé si se podrá configurar pero así viene de la casa)
Precio elevado en comparación con otras marcas

Rafa M.
Superó todas mis expectativas. :muscle::skin-tone-3::scooter:

Mi nuevo gran juguete. :scooter::grinning: Después de mucho buscar y buscar. Finalmente he conseguido el mustang de los patinetes eléctricos. La intensa búsqueda de meses ha merecido la pena. Este patinete es una bestia bruta. Estoy flipando con su fuerza, velocidad y potencia. Con un motor en cada rueda y con sus discos de frenos en ambas. Con una batería panosonic de gran durabilidad. El WideWheel Pro 2.0 de la marca Mercade ha superado mis expectativas. Yo me lo he comprado en la página oficial del distribuidor en Europa Y tanto la venta como la post venta son espectaculares. Hacia tiempo que no me encontraba con una atención al cliente, tanto antes como después de la compra, tan buena. Es difícil encontrar páginas y empresas tan profesionales como esta. Si queréis un patinete eléctrico realmente bueno este es para mí el mejor sin lugar a dudas entre los patinetes básicos y los profesionales. Ya os iré contando más sobre mi WideWheel Pro 2.0 en mis redes sociales. Comienza una nueva aventura. :muscle::skin-tone-3::scooter:

Felipe R.
Excelente servicio y producto

Estoy súper contento con la elección. El patinete va como un rayo y se nota la calidad del producto. Recomendable 100%

Fran M.
El Mercedes de los E-Scooters

Un Mercedes !! El mejor patinete eléctrico, por diseño, potencia, y calidad.