Mercane WideWheel Pro: Best Uphill Electric Scooter

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We test the best electric scooter to climb hills

And how the best way to prove something is to show it, we have recorded a video to show you what this Mercane WideWheel Pro 2.0 is capable of, in its Dual Motor 1000W version, making an ascent to a Sanctuary located at the top of a Mount. But first we recommend that you read this:

👉 Why is climbing ability so important in a electric scooter?

There are many brands and types of electric scooters on the market, but one thing is clear: the power of a scooter is decisive for it to have enough climbing capacity and not "let you down" when going up a hill ; apart from having good acceleration, which is essential to avoid certain dangerous situations.

Most manufacturers of electric scooters "embellish" a lot of data regarding performance, but when it comes down to it, when an adult of a certain weight gets on top of an electric scooter and it needs to have power enough to just climb normal slopes, surprises come.

Although we will make a new blog entry talking about this topic, it can be determined that below 500W of nominal power (this is where Xiaomi, Ninebot, etc. come in, and those of us who find ourselves in distribution centers such like Media Markt, Carrefour, etc.), any electric scooter is very limited and will not have enough strength to face a certain slope. And much less still if the person driving it weighs more than 70-80 Kg, the climb is long, etc.

👉 How was the Mercane WideWheel Pro tested?

In order to carry out the test, and to be able to evaluate the "real performance" offered by the 🛴 Mercane WideWheel Pro 2.0 when we face it with steep slopes and continuous climbs, we took it to a well-known area in Murcia: The Sanctuary of the Virgin de la Fuensanta, located within the Sierra de Carrascoy Natural Park.

In the image you can see the tracking of the route, extracted from Google Earth.

Tracking the Ascent to the Fuensanta Sanctuary with the Mercane WideWheel Pro 2.0 Electric Scooter

The most interesting thing about this route is the steep slopes arriving at the Sanctuary, and that we have collected in the video that we share with you.

Unevenness: We can see how the maximum slope reaches 29.8%, never going down on the "rise" of 20 %. And we can also affirm from our own experience that it is an area that is quite hard on a bicycle if you are not trained (it is very feasible that you have to get off).

✓ The weight: Another very interesting fact is the weight of the rider, in this case 120 Kg, which has served to increase the hardness of the test and obtain the maximum results of the WideWheel Pro, showing once again why it is the true thoroughbred of the asphalt.

👉 Looking for the perfect balance between weight and power

We know that a very important thing when buying an electric scooter is to select the perfect balance between weight and power. And this is a great advantage of the Mercane WideWheel Pro 2.0 compared to other scooters with powers of 2,000W or higher, but also weighing more than 10 Kg.

✓ As a comparative data, the Mercane WideWheel Pro 2.0 in Dual Motor version of 1,000W (1,600 maximum power) that Ecosmart Riders exclusively distributes, is an electric scooter of the so-called " commuters" (for daily transport), weighing 24.5 Kg; which makes it very portable, being able to easily put it in the trunk of a car, take it to your office and even leave it folded under the table.

Now, if we want something more powerful, we would have to go up a notch and start with scooters with a nominal power of 2,000W and up: Zero 10X style scooters, Nanrobot D6, etc., with a minimum weight of 35 , 36 Kg. And this obviously already greatly limits the issue of portability.

On the contrary, if we opt for something with less power, the options are unlimited, but obviously we are going to notice a jumphuge difference in performance. Because the WideWheel Pro, apart from style, if there is one thing it has, it is a lot of power and torque.


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