Best Electric Scooters 2022: Launch New Mercane

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At Ecosmart Riders we anticipate 2022, and we launch exclusively for all of Europe the best premium electric scooters of 2022, within the medium power range (between 500W of nominal power up to 1000W of nominal power) .
Our new electric scooters are a display of innovation, an exquisite and avant-garde design, maximum power and torque never seen before in this type of e-scooters, and premium finishes down to the smallest detail.

New Releases 2022

Since 2019, Ecosmart Riders exclusively imports and distributes the electric scooters of the Korean company Mercane, R&D leader. Who designs and manufactures premium e-scooters with a unique and innovative design, to provide sustainable mobility solutions and an alternative to the traditional vehicle. Our e-scooters are designed to meet the needs of the most demanding public, who are looking for an all-round type of scooter (all in one) with high levels of quality and performance; but that also values ​​the fact that they have an exclusive, modern and elegant design, to differentiate themselves from the rest.

Following the success of the legendary Mercane WideWheel, we launched exclusively for the whole of Europe the new and revolutionary Mercane FORCE and ORNO. Both designed and manufactured by the Mercane team, and in this case, also in collaboration with Ecosmart Riders®.

Mercane FORCE | Deluxe SUV E-Scooter

The most crossover. It is an electric scooter inspired by high-end sports SUVs, with a very attractive design, with many quality details, and absolutely sublime and unmatched power thanks to the new Mercane engines. And to innovations such as the new removable battery that will undoubtedly mark the way forward.
Highly recommended for all those who need an electric scooter that offers maximum performance and maximum versatility. To be able to use it as a daily means of transport, and as a true adventure explorer, on weekends, trips, and getaways.


ORNO | Premium E-Scooter

An ultra powerful and disruptive urban e-scooter. The new ORNO is today the most powerful and innovative urban-type electric scooter that you can find on the market, in either of its two versions: The Single Motor, with a Mercane motor of 400W nominal power and 900W maximum power! And the Dual Motor, with 800W of nominal power and 1800W of maximum power !! In addition to this amazing power, and the attractive and avant-garde design, the ORNO, like the FORCE, hides a multitude of innovations and premium quality details. Starting with the new solid wheels that have been designed for this model, 9" in diameter, and 12 cm wide!


Welcome to the Future of Electric Micromobility

These new premium electric patients represent a step forward in the new Micromobility, both in design and in terms of technological advances. Our mission as a company specialized in the selection, import and distribution of premium e-scooters has always been to bet on a unique and innovative type of e-scooter, offering high quality / reliability at an attractive price. Well, we believe, and this is demonstrated every day, that this new form of urban mobility represents the best alternative to the traditional vehicle.

The team of Korean engineers who have developed the new FORCE and the ORNO, have paid close attention to every detail, anticipating the future:

More Powerful and Efficient Engines

Mercane has continued to develop its already ultra-powerful engines, to make them even more efficient.

⚙️ The current Mercane engines have gone from 77% efficiency (difference between input power and output power) to 88%. Being the most efficient in the industry, and the ones that offer the most maximum power / power output. Not to mention its torque (motor force) which is so high that only e-scooters with much higher powers can match it.

✍️ Important data to take into account

In most countries power limits (nominal) are being established for e-scooters, and it will be very rare that we can see them circulating in cities / public roads in the future scooters with very high nominal powers.

So the future is for efficient engines, which give more power output, and offer high engine torque, to be able to face steep slopes, in addition to accelerating in a few seconds when the situation requires it. And also have enough strength to move well on uneven terrain.

Premium Details Make the Difference

👉 Details such as the new FORCE removable battery, which is undoubtedly an advance and will mark the way forward for future generations of e-scooters. Being able to take it anywhere and charge it at any mains socket. Excessively increasing the capacity of the batteries, to offer ranges of 80-100 km, does not make much sense. Well, it increases the weight of the scooter, and also increases the total cost price of the e-scooter by more than 40%!

👉 Another great advance is the new solid wheels, large and extra wide, which are equipped with both, which also guarantee up to 30,000 km of use without having to change them. These have been designed exclusively for them, and it is one of the patents of these e-scooters, so they are not available for any other. That is to say, there are other solid wheels on the market, but of other dimensions, and of other compounds, that do not offer the same quality, nor the same grip as this type of wheel.

No Problems, No Maintenance

Regarding maintenance, it should be noted that unlike others, the maintenance of these electric scooters is practically equal to 0:

There are no punctures, you don't have to change wheels for years...(30 thousand kms), you don't have to adjust the brakes, and you don't have to worry about the failures that other lower-end brands usually give. Simply taking care of them a little, like any electric vehicle, and enjoy them a lot is all you will have to do.

Availability and Purchase Options

Ecosmart Riders is the exclusive distributor for all of Europe of these new models, which can be purchased from this very moment on our website.

Thanks to the special relationship that unites us with the manufacturer, and to having collaborated in their development, we are the first company in the world to be able to have the first units that have been manufactured.

These first units will arrive in Spain on October 14, 2021, and after passing customs and the relevant tests and inspections, they will be sent to customers who have previously made their purchase on our website in pre-order. With the advantage that the pre-order has a special discount included.

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