The Best E-Scooters of 2020

The 3 Best E-Kick Scooters of 2020

The end of the year is approaching, and we want to present you our selection of what we consider to be the best electric scooters / electric kick scooters, in this year 2020. To make the selection of the winners, all these aspects that are fundamental when selecting the perfect urban e-scooter for the new electric mobility:

Performance:Without a doubt, performance at the motor and battery level is perhaps the key element. And it also largely determines the final price of the e-scooter. Both the motor and the battery will determine key factors such as: power and acceleration; engine force / torque and climbing capacity; , battery range until new charge, and number of charge cycles (battery life).

Quality of Materials and Equipment:We analyze the materials used in the manufacture of the frame and structure, as well as all the important components of the e-scooter: display, controllers, damping systems , tires, folding system, brakes, the end it is an electric vehicle, and as such, all its components must be assessed in order to evaluate the quality of the product.

Design:A good design adds style, personality and distinction to our vehicle; differentiating it from the rest and making a certain customer target, to whom the e-scooter is addressed, feel fully identified with it. But let's not forget that apart from being an aesthetic factor, it provides many other factors that affect ergonomics, stability, or portability.
This section highlights those devices that have their own stamp of identity marked by their design, projecting an image of premium quality and contemporary urban culture.

And finally, we present you the best device in each of the 3 main categories of urban e-scooters:

(1) Light Electric Scooters: Electric Scooters under 15 Kg.
(2) Commuting & Leisure E-Scooters: Conceived for daily trips of a certain distance and leisure.
(3) Three Wheel Electric Scooters: 3-Wheel Electric Scooters, ideal for audiences of any age due to its great stability and comfort.

(1) 2020 E-twow GT | Winner of the Light E-Scooters Category
The lightest and most powerful electric scooter on the market, and also one of the personal mobility vehicles higher quality electricity. With its powerful 700W motor, and its staggering weight of just 13 Kg, plus a very comfortable extended platform, the GT knows no better in its class. Not for nothing has it earned the nickname "Boss of the Ultraportables". It is a premium device, which adds all the extras that we want to find in these vehicles to the quality of its materials: double suspension, double braking system, front and rear LED lights, a quick folding system, and maximum comfort. driving.

E-twow GT 2020 | Premium Light Electric Scooter
(2) Mercane WideWheel Pro 2.0 | Commuting Category Winner
The 🐎 pure blood of asphalt, a true masterpiece of Korean engineering, with a unique design that exudes quality and elegance in abundance, standing out from the rest of its competitors due to its extremely powerful motor.Its double 1000W motor It reaches a maximum power of 1,600W, offering unparalleled torque / force. The WWPro 2.0 is capable of accelerating from 0 to 25 km/h in just 3.2 seconds, and climbing slopes of up to 40º. And all this, with the portability and ease of transport of an electric kick scooter. The lucky ones who get this wonderful vehicle will enjoy the new electric mobility to the fullest.

Mercane WideWheel Pro 2.0 | Dual Motor 1,000W | Distributed by Ecosmart Riders®

(3) E-Riders 3 Wheels | Category Winner Three Wheels E-Scooters
Designed and manufactured by Ecosmart Riders®, it is un e-kick scooter of 3 really attractive wheels, ultra light, comfortable, and powerful for its category. The frame made of carbon fiber stands out, the quick folding system that allows it to be carried like a golf cart, the magnificent double suspension, and the triple focus of LED lights with an innovative design that accentuate its style. All this added to a 500W motor and 48V battery (more powerful than the rest of the category that have a 250W motor and 36V battery), make this premium device the best choice for people of any age.
E-Riders Three Wheels | Electric Kick Scooter | Distributed by Ecosmart Riders®

Final verdict. Our Expert Advice

Buying an e-scooter is an important decision, in which we must first assess the type of use we want to give our device based on our travel needs, and/or the type of leisure It is very important to take into account the daily mileage, as well as the type of roads where you are going to travel, or the need to have an easily foldable and portable device, to be able to transport it in other means of transport.
The 3 winners of our analysis share a common trait: they are all devices approved as personal mobility vehicles, being able to circulate on urban roads, always respecting municipal ordinances, with a great capacity to replace conventional means of transport. Thanks to the fact that they have good power, and a battery with the necessary capacity to face distances of a certain mileage.
So, once again it is about deciding what our priorities are:< br> ‍

  • E-twow GT for those who need a very light yet powerful vehicle, because they are going to transport it by metro, tram, etc.
  • Mercane WideWheel Pro, for those who want a power point that they will not find in another of this category, without losing the portability of an e-kick scooter, without exceed a reasonable weight, and with exquisite quality and design.
  • E-Riders 3 Wheels, for all those who want to enjoy electric mobility in a fantastic 3-wheeled vehicle that will provide them with great comfort and stability, a super nice ride, and also has some incredible qualities for weight, power, and design.

Good luck in choosing your new personal mobility electric vehicle, and remind you that at Ecosmart Riders We will always be at your disposal to give you all the support you need, and help you make the best choice.

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