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Technical Service

Our Technical Service is a service aimed at solving problems that are difficult to diagnose, or for those people who, due to lack of knowledge and/or time, are unable to replace a damaged part / maintain their vehicle.

It is essential to previously fill out the technical assistance form, and wait for approval before contracting the service.

What does it consist of, and what is the price?

This Service includes the following sections:

(1)Complete evaluation of the devicein order to prepare a diagnosis of the faults / breakdowns that it presents.

(2)Repair of minor failures/breakdowns(labor time less than 1/2 hour). In this case the parts will be billed separately.

(3)Development of a repair estimate,when the breakdown requires more than 1/2 hour of work.

(4)Maintenance and tuningof your vehicle (includes cleaning and greasing).

(5)Collection and subsequent delivery of the vehicle at your homethrough our express parcel logistics services.

The price for this service is as follows:

- €40 Area 1: Spain Peninsula, and Balearic Islands.

- €60 Area 2: Portugal, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla

- €80 Area 3: Rest of European Union Countries

What advantages do you get if you hire him?

(1) If a repair is necessary, and acceptance of the estimate, you will€20 will be deducted from the final invoice.

(2) If only necessaryreplace a part that does not require more than 1/2 hour of labor< span>(display controller, brake disc caliper, brake pads, battery replacement, etc.), we will not charge you for labor cost. But for this it is essential that the parts are purchased at Ecosmart Riders.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:Ecosmart Riders is not responsible for any damage or incident that occurs during transport, this being the responsibility of the transport company, although we will provide all the necessary cooperation to solve any trouble.

We also inform you that we work with the best transport agencies, these being Correos Express for Spain, and DHL for other destinations in Europe.

However, if you wish to take out transport insurance, let us know and we will inform you of the cost involved.