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Nanrobot D6+ 2.0 | Upgraded Version 2022

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The Nanrobot D6+ is a powerful dual-motor electric scooter, with very advanced features, and high off-road capabilities. In addition to being a worldwide sales success, and perhaps the most famous NANROBOT™ e-scooter today, it is considered by experts and the specialized press as one of the best e-scooters in its segment.

It stands out for its sporty design, its great power, incredible and powerful hydraulic brakes, its also very good hydraulic suspension..., and very premium qualities in all its components.

Although it is not light (it weighs 35 Kg), it is not among the heaviest either, and it folds easily. That is why it is a suitable skate for those who want to enjoy all its power and off-road capacity, and/or are going to use it both on daily urban trips, and on routes / weekend getaways.

Special Features

Dual Engine:1000W X 2 nominal power

🔋. Battery: 52V - 26 AH

🏁. Range: 60 Km

Two versions to choose from:

✓ Mechanical disc brakes
✓ Hydraulic disc brakes

Technical Sheet

Double Motor, double wheel drive.

1000W X 2 rated power


Lithium Ion 52V - 26 AH

1352 W/H

Dual charging port

Load Time

10 hours normal charge

5 hours fast charging (two chargers)

Max Speed

65 Km/h*

*Limited to 25 km/h: you can activate/deactivate the limiter to circulate on private roads.

Scope 60 Km

Upload Capacity


10" tires with inner tube
Hangs Double shock absorbers, front and rear, hydraulic.
Brakes Dual mechanical/hydraulic disc brake system, plus rear EABS (electronic regenerative) brake, with incredible stopping power.

Front LED headlight, position lights, taillights, and turn signals.


New color LED screen to control all the parameters (speed, battery, kms, choice of speed modes, etc.).


6061 Aerospace Grade Aluminum.

Water Resistance



131 x 26 x 52 cm

131 x 26 x 133 cmFolded



Carrying Capacity

150 Kg

Shipping Information
All orders are prepared the same day of receiving the order, or the next (business) day, and are shipped via our express parcel services /strong>with the following delivery times:

✓ Spain: 24-48 hours
✓ European Union: 4-6 business days
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