Abus Bordo Alarm 6000A - Folding Lock

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Flexible Lock with Alarm for Electric Scooters & E-bikes

The Bordo™ Alarm 6000A padlock is a reliable and highly flexible anti-theft device that guarantees maximum security for your electric scooter, e-bike, or personal mobility vehicle. And it is also the only flexible lock on the market that activates an alarm.

Are you looking for maximum security for your e-scooter?

At Ecosmart Riders we have the accessory that you should not miss so that you can go everywhere with your personal mobility vehicle without fear of leaving it because it will be stolen. Well now the thieves of electric scooters / e-bikes will get a good scare!

✅ In addition to its secure mechanics, which essentially characterizes the series of folding locks from the prestigious German firm Abus Bordo, the Bordo™ Alarm 6000Ais the world's first folding lock that warns of attempted theft thanks to its alarm with a volume of 100 dB. This is possible thanks to the intelligent motion detection "3D Position Detection", which detects the smallest movements in three dimensions.

✅ The sensors of the Bordo™ Alarm 6000Aare capable of differentiating tampering attempts from small jolts that occur, for example, when closing the lock or by the hit of a ball; in these cases, the anti-theft system only emits a short warning tone, but does not activate the alarm. The acoustic signals also allow monitoring of the battery status and activity.

  • 5 mm steel bars, with extra soft 2-component coating to prevent damage to the bike's paintwork
    The bars and the body, as well as the rest of the closing system elements are made of special hardened steel
    Alarm of at least 100 dB for 20 seconds
    The alarm function is based on the ABUS 3D detection system where all movement is detected
    Smart alarm – In the event of a small and short movement, eg a bike is hit by a ball, the anti-theft device issues a short warning
    Different acoustic signals report the status of the battery, its activation and the status of the alarm
    The bars are joined by special rivets
    ABUS Plus cylinder for high tamper protection. Ex. Picked

    • FIXATION:SH 6000/90
    • DESIGN COLOR: Black
    • SUPPORT:With support
    • PERIMETER: 90 cm
    • WEIGHT: 1.42 Kg
  • ✔ Maximum level of protection for a medium risk of theft
    ✔ Recommended to secure e-scooters and high-end personal mobility vehicles
    ✔ The longer the bar, the easier to fix the bicycle to a fixed object

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